Órgano Oficial de Difusión de la Sociedad Mexicana de Urología


Volumen 70, July-August 2010, Number 4


Radical retropubic prostatectomy
in localized prostate cancer treatment:
experience at the Centro Médico of the
Instituto de Seguridad Social in the State
of Mexico
Costilla-Montero A, et al.

Nine and twelve specimens from
prostate biopsy and their impact on
cancer detection: a comparative studyr
Urdiales-Ortiz A, et al.
Risk factors that influence biopsy
and surgical specimen Gleason
score correlation
Fulda-Graue SD, et al.
Tension-free transobturator vaginal
tape for stress urinary incontinence
correction: a report at 2-year follow-up
De León-Jaén SC, et al.
Surgical and oncological results
of radical prostatectomy:
experience of 7 years at the
Hospital General de Occidente
Ruíz-Delgado J, et al.
Morbimortality associated with
radical cystectomy: experience at
the IMSS UMAE No. 25
Acosta-Garduño J, et al.
Overactive bladder and botulinum
toxin type A management at the
Hospital General de México
Pérez RJ, et al.

Laparoscopic nephrectomy, bench
surgery, and bilateral autotransplantation
in renovascular hypertension
Marquina M, et al.

Bilateral vesicoureteral reflux
secondary to anterior urethral valves:
a new review
Espinoza-Chávez GE, et al.
Leydig cell tumor in
86-year-old man
García-Rodríguez MA, et al.
Intramucosal adenocarcinoma in Indiana pouch
Martínez JA, et al.
Application of porcine intestinal
submucosa in Peyronie's disease
Camarena-Reynoso HR, et al.